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J is for Jessica: #AtoZChallenge

I don’t use a pen name – I’ve decided cutesy on-line handles and aliases are not conducive to owning and taking pride in my work.  I was born a Jessica, along with a significant percentage of the baby girls in my birth year, and have not-exactly-loved-it ever since. Firstly, as I’ve already pointed out, the… Continue reading J is for Jessica: #AtoZChallenge

Blog Challenges 2017 · Personal · Personal Writing

G is for Gender: #AtoZChallenge

It’s supposed to be the ultimate experience of What It Means To Be a Woman™.  Supposedly, I would never feel more feminine, more attuned with my innate womanhood, more fully female than when I was pregnant. And… pregnancy was wonderful.  And I mean that genuinely, probably to the grimacing jealousy of hundreds of other women.… Continue reading G is for Gender: #AtoZChallenge