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When the Right Words Don’t Come

I can tell you right now what the biggest hinderance to my productivity (at least when it comes to writing) is. No, it's not my attention span, though that's definitely what I complain about most loudly and most often (mainly because it's so pervasive, even in other aspects of my life). And it's not lack… Continue reading When the Right Words Don’t Come

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Write, Create, Procrastinate, Version 2.0

I started using this blog proper in December of last year.  I had considered starting a blog about a dozen times since I'd finally severed ties with LiveJournal in April of last year, but I knew if I was going to "move on" from LiveJournal, I couldn't just switch platforms.  I wanted to write more… Continue reading Write, Create, Procrastinate, Version 2.0

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Reaping the Rewards of Rebellion

So NaNoWriMo began today (wait, where did October go?) and like great swaths of the blogosphere, I am once again trying my hand at penning the Great American… Short Story Collection. Yeah, oops. While I respect those WriMos who personally hold the “novel” part of National Novel Writing Month as sacrosanct, I’ve had fifteen years… Continue reading Reaping the Rewards of Rebellion

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I May Have a Dollar Tree Problem

There are two things you should know about me right off the bat: 1.  I have elevated the act of on-line procrastination to a high art, and 2.  I have a borderline pathological obsession with the Dollar Tree. These are essential points to understanding how I have wasted a sizeable chunk of my allotted monthly… Continue reading I May Have a Dollar Tree Problem