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X is for Xanadu: #AtoZChallenge (one day late)

Xanadu:  (noun)  1. a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment. I didn’t grow up in a household with a lot of money – nor, honestly, are we rolling in money now, but that’s another blog post – and spent my youth almost entirely home-bound.  I grow up and still live in Massachusetts, near the New… Continue reading X is for Xanadu: #AtoZChallenge (one day late)

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W is for Welcome to Night Vale: #AtoZChallenge (two days late)

For people who’ve only popped in to visit, it probably seems strange, but to me, Night Vale is home. In my little insular fandom bubble, it’s sometimes hard for me to remember that there are stillpeople who don’t know what Night Vale is, but of course, Real Life Me understands that, so – Welcome to… Continue reading W is for Welcome to Night Vale: #AtoZChallenge (two days late)

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S is for Stress: #AtoZChallenge (one day late)

Shit That I am Trying to Juggle (and Mostly Failing At, Miserably): Keeping up with basic housekeeping (slightly bettwe this week, but I also wasn’t working, so…) Keeping up with home repairs and touch-ups (downstairs toilet hasn’t worked right for, um, weeks/paint desperately needs touch-ups/it’s probably bad that our tree has grown through our telephone… Continue reading S is for Stress: #AtoZChallenge (one day late)

Blog Challenges 2017 · Personal

R is for Reading: #AtoZChallenge (two days late)

You never really appreciate the simple pleasures afforded to you until those pleasures are stripped away. Growing up, I loved reading.  I would read and reread my favorite books multiple times, literally wearing out the spine on a select few (my copy of Stephen King’s The Eyes of the Dragon came out of my 7th… Continue reading R is for Reading: #AtoZChallenge (two days late)