About Me

An accurate depiction of the author.

About the Author

Jessica is a Creative Person™  in her mid-30s, interested in writing words, making things, and consuming as much coffee and/or wine as she is able.  While she excels at the last, the previous two continue to give her a little trouble.

Both a perfectionist and a procrastinator, Jessica has elevated the act of Putting Things Off to high art.  With a backlog of projects piling up behind her at an alarming rate, she thought that perhaps adding another to the list – i.e., this blog – might help her become more productive, ans she remains willfully and purposefully oblivious to the paradoxical nature of that sentiment.

She lives in Eastern Massachusetts with her husband, her toddler son (Code Name: Bear), and her pet cat. Her hobbies include replaying embarrassing moments in her mind at the expense of sleep; complaining about how much work she has to do while blatantly avoiding doing it; eating everything within arm’s reach and screaming internally when she steps on the scale; and scrolling through her Netflix queue for hours without ever actually watching anything.

While she refers to herself using primarily feminine pronouns, Jessica identifies as genderqueer and will accepts both she/her and they/them pronouns.

She swears she’s making Making a priority (be it out of words or material), and hopes to share the concrete products of her efforts with you.

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