Camp NaNoWriMo and the Zero Word Count Week

(Photo by Thought Catalog)

The title is a bit of a misnomer; I actually have about 400 words, and with a goal of 20,000, I could easily knock my goal out in 10 days if I can get in a good groove.

I’ve always had a problem with starting; the beginning of anything is always anxiety-inducing (which is one reason I’m having heart palpitations at the mere thought of my summer program, which starts Monday – even though it’s literally an extension of what I do the rest of the academic year, even though I did it last summer, etc).

Beginnings mean a disruption of the status quo, it means venturing out beyond the comfort/stagnation (sometimes the exact same thing) of routine and doing/producing something new.  Often, it feels like a significant turning point, and as a result, the pressure to do it well – to get off to a good start, to create a memorable opening – is paralyzing.

I’ve finally settled on something I’m comfortable on opening with, so hopefully the “beginning” panic will soon segue into the “this is routine” placidity.

How have you chosen to open your Camp NaNo projects?  Favorite opening line, memorable opening scene?  Decided to skip that all together and start in at a totally different part of the story?  What are your favorite opening lines that you’ve ever written?



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