V is for Vices: #AtoZChallenge

As is evidenced by my aforementioned shitty blogging habits (and my endless, unrelenting whining on how I never managed to get stuff done), it will likely come as no surprise that I am not exactly a paragon of positive routines and healthy habits.  I’m not all bad, obviously, since I manage to maintain a marriage and household, raise a healthy (and happy) child, and hold down a job, but I wouldn’t posit myself as a role model. Not with habits like these:

  1.  Smoking. Okay, so I don’t do it anymore, but God, I still miss it, sometimes. I know it’s better that I don’t, but I’m not going to lie about it.  It was a good stress relief, and I miss having a cigarette or two when I’m out drinking.
  2. Peeling off my nail polish.  I know it’s not good for my nails, and I already have super weak, brittle-ass nails, butI can’t help it.  When I’m distracted I just star picking.  When you can peel the whole nail off at once? Ooh, that’s satisfying.
  3. Zit popping.  Ugh, gross.  But you know what?  The internet has made “Zit popping videos” this, like, whole big thing on YouTube, so y’all can’t judge me too hard, Internet (PS: I’ve never watched those video.  Doing it to myself is one thing, but watching someone else doing it is just, eughhh).  Yeah yeah, don’t pick, it’ll scar, yada yada.  Look, I’ve been doing it for twenty-three years, I got this. Ok?  I got a handle on this.
  4. Borderline abuse of the “open bar” system.  Not really abuse, but I mean… I get way, way too excited when anyone utters the words “open bar,” partly because a.) with some alcohol in me, I feel substantially less social anxiety, and b.) I like trying new drinks, and open bar is the only time I can risk trying one and not liking it without being out $10.  Let me put it this way: there has been more than one occasion where the fact that there was an open bar was the deciding factor in my attendance.
  5. Smut.  Smut smut smutty smut.  Reading it, watching it… Enough said, I think.
  6. Playing with my nails… after I cut them off.  What can I say, I’m fascinated with the things that come off of my body.  When I trim my nails, I spend several distracted seconds bending and flicking my nail clippings before I throw them out.

Mmm, well, that was delicious.  What are some of your vices or bad habits?


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Jessica Cross

Writer, maker, geek, feminist, mom. Not necessarily in that order.

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