N is for “Never Have I Ever:” #AtoZChallenge

There’s a line in Hamilton – and yes, if given the opportunity, I will bring everything back to Hamilton – where he declares, “There’s a million things I haven’t done, but just you wait.”

I’d like to think that’s true for me; that there are still ample opportunities for me to do the myriad things that I’ve told myself I would do, but have managed to just never get around to.  I’d like to think that I’m still young enough and that my future is still open enough that there’s nothing in my life’s ambitions to rule out as an impossibility.

I don’t know how true that all actually is, but hey, it’s a nice thought.

I’ve never enjoyed comparing myself to other growing up, mainly because it made me feel woefully behind in some ill-defined way, in the sense that my life was somehow less full of experiences than other people’s.  There are a million things I haven’t done, a lot of which really don’t matter to me now – I’ve never had a drunken make-out session with a strangers, for example – but mattered to me a whole lot then.  It’s not even that I wanted, specifically, to get drunk or make-out; it just felt like it was something to be experienced, something to do to have done, and missing out on it was disappointing.

But as I got older and I stopped feeling self-conscious about my experiences (or lack there of), I still really loved hearing other people’s stories.  My favorite venue for these tales was playing Never Have I Ever.

There are board game and card game versions of Never Have I ever – which is a great start if you’re stuck, but totally unnecessary – and a great way to get some fantastic stories out of your friends.  If you’re unsure how to play, it’s typically played as a drinking game, with one person making a “Never have I ever” statement (“Never have I ever gone streaking”). and anyone who has done that particular thing takes a drink.  (If you know particular people especially well, this can be weaponized.  Not that I’ve ever done that *whistles*  Just saying).

Have you ever played?  Do you have a go to “Never have I ever” that always results in EVERYONE else drinking? (Up until a few years ago, mine were “Never have I ever flown on a plane” and “Never have I ever broken a bone.”)  What was the funniest thing you ever learned about a friend?  Dirtiest?  Most surprising?

Short one tonight.  I’m trying to catching up on reading, like, a RIDICULOUS TON of posts, but I’ve not gotten to sit down and read my blog role in days and days and days.  I literally crank these out in ten minutes after Bear goes to sleep and then turn in myself.  I’m hoping once I get the referral for the neuropsych, I can figure out what’s up with me and start learning how to better ration my time and how to stay focused.

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