F is for Fandom: #AtoZChallenge (a day late)

This is a crazy weekend. I wasn’t home at all yesterday until 10:45 last night, which meant that the #AtoZChallenge entry for yesterday never went live.  But I’m determined to  see this Challenge through to the end, even if I’m a day or two off (Sunday’s off make a good buffer; I’m super busy today, too, so I can do G tomorrow if need be and be back on track Monday!)

Fandom has been a huge part of my life probably all my life, honestly; I just didn’t have a word for it in my earliest years.  When my family finally got wired into the internet in 1996, I was thirteen years old and pretty much ready to find my tribe, because I sure as hell wasn’t finding them at school.  I logged on and dove in.

And the internet embraced me with open arms.

I’ve run through quite a few fandoms over the years, and played a number of roles in various fandoms:  fanfic writer, fan artist, icon/avatar maker, blogger, commenter, lurker, moderator, vidder, con goer, cosplayer, etc.  

But while the objects of my affection and my means of participation have evolved and changed over the years, two things have not:

  1. the unbridled enthusiasm with which I approach all my fandoms, and
  2. my absolute love for slash pairings.

I realize this is the internet in 2017, but for the few of you who might not know, slash is the pairing of two same-sex character in a romantic/sexual relationship that usually didn’t exist in the source material.  Again, though I didn’t have a name for it, I’ve been doing this in my head since I was about eleven years old.  Imagine my relief and joy when I discovered it’s one of fandom’s favorite past-times.

I don’t think I’d be capable of truly ordering them (like, in a “most-to-least favorite” way), but – in no particular order (aside from being my top five), my Top Five Favorite Slash Pairings (because who doesn’t love a list?)

  1. House/Wilson (House):  My friends and I built entire evening around watching House.  This show, and especially this pairing, was my religion for six years.  You know how bad it was?  When 97 Seconds aired and House told Wilson, “I love you,” I had friends texting and emailing me telling me how happy they were for my ship. Ok?  I was in deep, guys.  I still go back and read well-love fic for this pairing and occasionally seek out new stories, and nothing – nothing – will convince me this wasn’t canon by the end of the series.

  2. Sherlock/John (Sherlock):  A bit of a cop-out, since the dynamic and source material are basically the same as House/Wilson, but this pairing was so near and dear to my heart that I actually sought out strangers on the internet to meet-up with.  I gathering of about 20 of us met up in 2012 (after The Reichenbach Fall) and canvassed Boston Common in I Believe in Sherlock Holmes/I Fight John Watson’s War posters.

  3. Hannibal/Will (Hannibal):  I had not expected to fall so fully down this rabbit hole, but the show was so beautiful and everything about it was so sensual, and twisted, I just couldn’t help myself.  No, mind you, I don’t see this as an aspirational relationship – it’s sick, and unhealthy, and manipulative, etc. – but it’s also beautifully portrayed and incredibly intriguing, and oh my God, some of the fic.  Some of the fic is exquisite.

  4. Dean/Cas (Supernatural):  I haven’t watched Supernatural since the start of Season Ten, and I have been burned by this ship enough times that it would make perfect sense for me to abandon it entirely, but I can’t  I can’t, you guys.  If I see it trending on Tumblr, I still have to go check it out.  Dean and Cas are both so damaged and both so clearly love** each other, I just can’t shelve this one entirely. Even if it hurts to look at it.

  5. Cecil/Carlos (Welcome to Night Vale):  THESE GUYS ACTUALLY ARE CANON.  This is notable both for my proclivities (I tend to ship characters that aren’t canonically together) and because it’s still pretty rare to have canonically queer characters in queer relationships as the centerpiece of your media of choice.  As a side note, I’m seeing Night Vale Live tonight and if you are a fan of the podcast, I recommend you you the same if you get the chance.  This will be the fourth tour we’ve caught them on, and they are always wonderful.

Are you involved in fandom or shipping?  Who are your favorite characters or pairings?

** I would just like to mention a problem I have, particularly in the SPN fandom: the idea that you can’t ship a character in a same-gender relationship because they have only even been in opposite-gender relationships.  

Firstly, you can ship whomever you want with whomever you want – just be respectful to people who have different opinions on the matter.  

Secondly – bisexuality exists.  Pansexuality exists.  If you personally don’t read a character as queer, that is completely and totally okay.  But don’t tell other people – particularly other queer people – that having been in straight-coded relationship means you have to be straight.  It doesn’t.


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