A-to-Z Writing Challenge Theme Reveal


My son has been sick this week – truth be told, I feel like he’s been getting sick, sick, or getting over being sick in a more-or-less perpetual cycle all winter – and the one, single, solitary upside of my poor bubsy being sick is… he naps.

Holy sweet Jesus, he actually naps.

The ride home today – from my parents house, to pick me up from work, and back home – put him out.  I stumbled in, let him sprawl out on the couch, brewed a pot of coffee and read my blogroll.


Embarrassingly, I’ve been functionally absent too long to catch up entirely, but I got a few days in and even managed to drop a comment or two.  While enjoying my leisurely scroll through the blogosphere (SUCH DECADENCE), I discovered that more than a couple of people I follow were participating in April’s A-to-Z Blog Challenge.

And, since I’m already doing Camp NaNoWriMo, and because my unofficial-until-this-very-moment-but-in-retrospect-so-so-fitting motto is, “Nothing is worth doing that’s not worth overdoing,” in addition to writing a poem-a-day in April, I will be writing a blog entry a day* as well.

Apparently, today is the day when participants reveal their themes, which, thankfully, is not a necessity, because I’m rubbish at themes.  Luckily, as this blog is semi-personal, I think my theme will be “exploring the self,” which is a pretentious way of saying I will be composing the same self-indulgent brand of personal essays as I usually do, albeit with an alphabetical twist.

Bear feels better after his nap, by the way – he’s over the worst of his cold, and I’m hopeful that as we ease into Spring, we might finally be breaking out of the cycle of sickness.  I’ll be glad to have a happy and healthy little Bear in April.

…I’ll sure miss those naps, though.

*except Sundays, which is a luxury not afforded to me by Camp, so it’s much appreciated.



One thought on “A-to-Z Writing Challenge Theme Reveal

  1. Jessica, we must know ourselves to improve ourselves. Your blogging challenge may surprise you. I am taking a much less personal approach choosing to lay out a new novel concept on my blog, The Fiction Playground. .


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